Scandinavian 7s 2015

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The traditional Scandinavian 7s in Copenhagen fielded three NTNUI teams this year. NTNUI Gentlemen, NTNUI Ladies and NTNUI Hu & Hei

NTNUI returned as reigning bowl champions in the men’s competition. This year the men fielded two teams. The “serious” NTNUI captained by Espen Høgset and the “social” NTNUI Hu & Hei captained by Martin Bland. The ladies were captained by Karin Nybru.

Scandinavian 7s is a weekend of celebration. 28 men’s teams and 20 ladies’ teams met to play rugby, drink beer, wear funny costumes and enjoy the sun. A celebration of the rugby culture on and off the pitch.

Most of the NTNUI expedition pitched their tents in the camp site on Friday night. There we met our friends from Stavanger, the Reykjavik Raiders, one tonne team and a few other great clubs who are traditional allies and foes in this great tournament. After a summer apart there was much rejoicing as the players met again. This did limit the hours of sleep, but it dit not influence the desire to play on Saturday morning.

NTNUI ladies were put in probably the toughest pool, with West Coast Vikings (who later won the whole damn tournament), Denmark (yes, the national team, who won the plate) and Vänersborg. Despite playing with heart and showing moments of flair and fire, the ladies were up against much better opposition and lost all their games on Saturday. This put them in the bowl playoff for Sunday, where the opposition was to be easier to deal with.

NTNUI Hu & Hei started out against a german team that rumours said were the national development team. Hu & Hei was a fitting description of the difference between the teams. When two key players, Nikolai Nørstegård and mercenary Benjamin Engerbakk were injured by “Die Mannschaft” (who later won the tournament) Hu & Hei was reduced to a team of “interesting” skill sets. The next games versus Fredriksberg, Ålborg and Borås 2 didn’t really help on the self esteem and 4 losses meant bowl playoffs on Sunday.

NTNUI gentlemen started their campaign against Utmanarna, which was the Swedish under 18 development team. Boys with  speed and passion was no match for men with physique and facial hair. 3 tries to 1 for NTNUI. The second game was against Göteborg. A solid team who played very aggressive rugby. This stunned the NTNUI team who normally should have taken home the win, loss 2 tries to 1. In the last game Aarhus misfits were living up to their name and NTNUI was ready for the plate playoffs.

Saturday night the theme was Pacman for the ladies, cowbows for Hu& Hei and native americans for NTNUI gents. This part of the night was awesome, judging by the spirit the next morning…

First up were the ladies who finally proved what they are made of and when Inger Anna Engen scored a try with a solo run from own tryline, the standard was set. 22-0 was the result and the confidence was back in the team. Next up were the host club, RK Speed. The name was a bit misleading as this team was more about strength and size, than speed. An early score from RK speed was quickly answered by the NTNUI ladies who looked to control the game. However, fatigue kicked in and the NTNUI ladies were eliminated. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and lot of nice rugby to watch.

NTNUI ladies - Scandinavian 7s 2015

Hu & Hei showed up for their first game hoping for a forfeit from the opponent.  Unfortunately this didn’t happen, and the Wexiö team showed up. They were faking their hangover and basically ran over the Hu&Hei team that was now down to 4-5 players with a bit of rugby experience. The next opponent, RK Speed 2, had forfeited their first game so the Hu&Hei players skipped the warmup and showed up to claim a forfeit victory. The only problem being that the opponent was there to play… However, the RK Speed needed reinforcements that were picked from old boys and the one tonne team, which didn’t add strength. In a tense match Hu&Hei somehow managed to score and convert two tries and in the end winning 14-7. The tournament was over, but they went out in style.

NTNUI gentlemen were up against CSR sevens. This proved to be a comfortable start of the day with solid rugby and a comfortable 38-7 victory. Next up were Frankfurt Flamingos. This team had great jerseys and a fantastic mascot, but no more energy to play. NTNUI lead comfortably 21-0 at halftime and controlled the game to a 40-0 win. This meant plate semi-finals. Opponent here was our nemesis from the Valhall 7s, Vänersborg. The rugby and the social activities were starting to take its toll on the NTNUI boys, and after starting really well with an early try and controlling the game, it became clear as soon as the second half kicked off that the engine had run out of gas. Vänersborg owned the second half and went on to win the plate final later on. Despite this, the NTNUI boys agreed that they could be proud of what they had done, and there were only smiles.

NTNUI gentlemen - Scandinavian 7s 2015

The rest of the day the NTNUI players watched the finals, and here should be mentioned that Hu & Hei’s Jonas Kaasa really showed true NTNUI spirit when he streaked the final at half time. His checks may be pale, but they are firm and well shaped…

And here ends the tale of Scandinavian 7s 2015. To be continued in 2016…

NTNTUI camp @ Scandinavian 7s 2015

The teams:

NTNUI Ladies

  • Karin Nybru (captain)
  • Ragnhild Rostad
  • Anette Skjærvik
  • Silje-Elin Skrede
  • Ingvild Ødegård
  • Alicia Allejo Olivares
  • Inger Anna Engen
  • Kari Evensen Paulsrud (NTNUI in Oslo-exile)
  • Cathinka Walberg (NTNUI legend, now ORK)
  • Marita Evjen (ORK mercenary)
  • Malin Sponnich (ORK mercenary)


NTNUI Gentlemen

  • Espen Høgset (captain)
  • Kristian Solvin
  • Edu Fernandez
  • Mattias Lindqvist
  • Martin Skovly
  • Erlend Kvam Gurvin
  • Carwyn Anzani
  • Frank Mbaabu
  • Stephen Mwikaria
  • Till Gusky
  • Andrew Makdisi
  • Nick Bourne

NTNUI Hu & Hei

  • Martin Bland (captain)
  • Nikolai Nørstegård
  • Hugo Sanchez
  • Arjen Martens
  • Martin Danielsen Tjelland
  • Fabrice Collet
  • Sølve Conradi Olsen
  • Jon Michael Moulton
  • Jonas Kaasa
  • Sjur Øyen
  • Benjamin Brøndmo Engerbakk
  • Ross Hadfield
  • Thom Heiel

Fan club & Social agents

  • Kalle Lindqvist
  • Erlend Høen Laukvik