NM 7s and Norges cup

by / Wednesday, 08 July 2015 / Published in News

The first competition of the  summer 2015; NM 7s for the gentlemen and Norges cup round 2 for the girls

The boys’ tacles were hard, really hard, the NTNUI players even tried a new tactic with two players tacling the same oponent from different direcions ensuring a definite end to the opponent’s run. Unfortunately this tactic and some great trials were not enough to tear down the other teams. NTNUI ended up in 7th place in the Norwegian championship 2015. Congrats to Stavanger Thunder with their victory.

The girls started well with a win over SOS. The passes were in general good and the girls managed to work as a team. However some mistakes gave other teams opportunities and the girls got 4th place in Norges cup round 2. BSI turned out to be the best team of the tournament, winning all their games.

Along with the end of another school year, both the ladies and the gentlemen have lost some valuable players. This means the next months will involve a transition for both teams, as can be expected from teams consisting of many students. Even though the play at this point is not perfect the basis for the rest of the year looks promising.

The 7s season for the boys is now ended and we are looking forward for the 15s season and league for quite a few of our players.

For the birthday princess Saturday afternoon/evening got a cold start as the other girls forgot her at the pitch in the rain for about an hour, but hopefully it was made up for with cake, drinks and cute facebook figures. The rumours of great fun at the third half might be confirmed, although the details will stay among those that were present. Some fit people even managed to climb up to Preikestolen Sunday morning.