@ Dødens dal
  Touch rugby session open for all

19:00 - 20:30

@ Lade idrettsanlegg
  Outdoor rugby session

20:00 - 21:30

@ Lade idrettsanlegg
  Outdoor rugby session

New to rugby?

NTNUI rugby is a club for everyone regardless of previous knowledge of the game. Everyone is welcome to our trainings.

  • Come!
  • Try!
  • Play!
  • Stay!

Social player?

NTNUI rugby is not an elite club, but a club for those who want to play rugby. We have a club environment where everyone can participate according to their ambitions.


We can boast of players with international caps and the coaches aim to challenge every player according to their level.

  • Ambitious rugby players will be handed responsibility on the pitch.
  • Off pitch ambitions will be handed responsibility in club administration or management duties.
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