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treningTrondheim Berserkers NTHI Rugby History The History of the Trondheim Berserkers RFK

The Trondheim NTHI Beserkers RFK was founded in 1994 by Marc Dainhaut who acted as both coach and chairman.  An Australian Dean Retallack helped coach the Beserkers for the first season in the Norwegian league but has now joined the Stavanger team L.

After the first winter the team started to grow from a humble 4 to an ambitious 8 members by the end of spring. We were in a eager to have our first game, but first a name for the team was required. Lots of names were offered along the lines of Madmen or The Straightjackets (you would understand if you knew a Trondheim winter) but Beserkers was by far the most fitting and most likely to strike fear into all our opposition.

In 1995 the team joined the Trondheim University Sports Association NTHI as a trial member. The club Trondheim NTHI Beserkers RFK was formed.

It was not until March 1996 that we had our first opportunity to play against another team. A game was arranged and a squad of 15 players with 1 supporter bravely traveled to Stockholm to take on their Swedish counterparts. The famous dream team will be forever be remembered:

Sindre Fottland, Gerry Martin, Ivar Nøstik, Clive, Anders Haugland, “Big” Andy Towel, Rolf Harald Dahl, Morten Stav, Derek Lacey, Dean Ratallack, Gisle Njaastad, Marc Dhainaut, Andy Morton, Lars Erikson, Ken & 1 supporter (nameless)

The hapless supporter had to replace Andy Morton who was taken off with concussion. The final result was a win 19-5 with Andy M scoring 2 tries, Morten S 1 try and Ken 2 conversions.

1996 was the year the Beserkers entered the Norwegian Rugby Union and played our first season in the Norwegian Rugby League. The league consists of three other teams Oslo, Stavanger and Horten.
Automn 1998 Trondheim Berserkers made a big step in their history, The selected few that went down to Horten 03.10.98 for the last game in the series for the 1998 season. Came back as legends. Finaly the team came back with a Draw. For the first time since the team enterd the Norwegian More will come still writing.

Later on, NTHI became NTNUI. NTNUI is a student team playing in the Norwegian Rugby Union championship (rugby VII and XV) with its men and women teams.